Do you fear going to the dentist so much that you’ve neglected your oral care? That’s what happened to Rochelle, whose early experiences in the dentist chair caused her to skip her routine dental exams as an adult.   

“I knew I was setting myself up for health problems later in life, but my early experiences made the thought of going so intolerable, I just couldn’t bring myself to go,” she explains. “When I was little, I actually vomited in the dental chair.”

Whether it’s the sound of the instruments or the discomfort of the procedure, Kent Dental Associates practices sedation dentistry to help patients get through their appointment. 

Sedation dentistry, also called gentle dentistry or painless dentistry, is the practice of of using some sort of sedation to relax the patient and make experience as comfortable as possible. 

In the case of Rochelle, a touch of “laughing gas” (nitrous oxide) was all that she needed to get through her regular cleanings. While the patient remains conscious throughout the procedure, the gas, which is administered through a nose hood, alleviates anxiety. This safe treatment option enables them to get through the procedure while experiencing no discomfort or side effects.

“I was relieved to find that Dr. Coletti offered the option of laughing gas, even for something as routine as a cleaning,” Rochelle said. “I am not able to keep up with my appointments and am not filled with the dread I experienced for many, many years. I can focus on how good it feels to have such clean teeth!” 


“There is absolutely no shame in requesting conscience sedation,” says Dr. Coletti. “We want our patients to be comfortable and calm in the dental chair. For many people like Rochelle, sedation dentistry aids them in getting the oral care that they need.” 

Our patients’ comfort is important. Please let us know if you feel anxious and we’ll work with you to ease your stress and address any concerns.

Friendly, fast, and painless.

Dennis C.

I won’t trust my teeth to anyone else.

Karen G.

I have been a patient at this office for almost 40 years and trust the practitioners with every aspect of my dental care.

Robert S.

My family and I have been coming here for years! Love my hygienist, the dentist and staff are very professional and helpful!

Maureen R.

My experience with Kent Dental Associates (KDA) has always been exemplary. The level of professional expertise and service is unsurpassed and the cosmetic surgery is unparalleled.

William N.